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WIRED | Mar 29, 2021

How to Get a Battery Replacement for Your Aging Smartphone

You might be in the habit of replacing your smartphone every couple of years, but most phones can last a lot longer than that. Like your car, they might just need a new part every now and then, and the best repair you can do on your phone to make it last longer is a battery replacement. For Android phones, there’s no single manufacturer that also handles all repairs, but you can still get same-day repairs done with third-party repair shops. The most prominent of these is uBreakiFix, which has locations in most US states. Some major manufacturers like Google and Samsung give uBreakiFix access to OEM parts, which means they can repair your phone with the same materials those companies would use if you send them in directly.

The Daily Herald | Mar 27, 2021

uBreakiFix challenges local communities to recycle e-waste by Earth Day

This spring, Lynne Schwartz, owner of uBreakiFix electronics repair shops in Geneva and Wheaton, is joining a nationwide mission to raise awareness for the environmental impact of electronic waste (e-waste) through a six-week tech recycling initiative called the Erase E-Waste Challenge. Recycling old electronics not only keeps harmful chemicals out of the air and land, it also allows for precious metals like gold, silver, and copper to be harvested and reused at a lower carbon footprint. Those looking to part ways with their old tech can bring eligible devices of any brand, make, or model to their local uBreakiFix store, and a professional repair technician will handle the rest. uBreakiFix will process the devices and route them to a Samsung-authorized recycling partner where they will be refurbished or processed into raw commodities for future reuse.

AZ Central | Mar 26, 2021

As long as you’re home, gather up your old electronics and recycle them

Everyone seems to have a shoebox, junk drawer or shelf in the hallway closet where they store their old electronics. Ryan Siegel, who owns two uBreakiFix stores in Scottsdale, calls them “tech graveyards,” where technology goes to die. We know we shouldn’t toss our devices in the trash because they’re bad for the environment, particularly those lithium batteries. We vaguely recall we’re supposed to take them someplace, but it seems like a hassle. It just got easier. Siegel is part of uBreakiFix’s campaign to recycle electronic castoffs for free through Earth Day, April 22. Drop them off at any location nationwide. Technicians will ship them to a recycling partner to be refurbished, dismantled for parts or to harvest the precious metals inside.

CBS Milwaukee | Mar 15, 2021

‘We can do this’: Three women become local business owners in male-dominated tech industry

In honor of Women’s History Month, CBS 58 in Milwaukee featured local franchisee partners Katie Ryan Pluer, Shannon Lopez, and Kristen Pfiefer for a segment about their entrepreneurial journey. The trio of self-starters owns four locations in the area with plans to open a fifth store later this year.

Recycling Today | Mar 13, 2021

uBreakiFix, Samsung initiative encourage electronics recycling

uBreakiFix and Samsung together launched the Erase E-Waste Challenge, a 6-week initiative encouraging consumers to sort through their unused electronics and recycle their unwanted devices for free at uBreakiFix by Earth Day, April 22. uBreakiFix stores will accept devices of any brand, make or model and route them to a Samsung-authorized recycling partner, where they will be refurbished or processed into commodities for future reuse. Those who recycle with uBreakiFix can also request a free tech check on any device, such as their smartphone or laptop, to learn how to make their favorite devices last as long as possible.

Chain Store Age | Mar 12, 2021

uBreakiFix to open 150-plus stores in 2021

uBreakiFix plans to open more than 150 brick-and-mortar locations in 2021. The company ended 2020 with 611 locations across the U.S. and Canada and has opened more than 20 new stores since Jan. 1. uBreakiFix’s rapid growth reflects a surge in demand for electronics repair and support as people have become more reliant on technology to stay connected to work, school, and life during the past year. The company reported a 94% increase in average weekly repair inquiries during March through December of last year compared to 2019. In addition to growing its retail footprint, uBreakiFix continues to expand its ‘We Come to You’ mobile van service, which launched last fall. Customers can book a repair appointment online, and a professional repair technician will meet them at their home, office, or any location convenient to them and complete the repair on site. The company currently has more than 600 mobile repair vehicles in operation across the U.S.