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iPhone Repair

About iPhone Repair in Atlanta, GA
More than a year of perfecting the techniques used to bring an iPhone back from the dead has finally brought us to Atlanta! We at uBreakiFix.com have not only the formula and highest quality parts, but the know how to save you the hassle, delays, inconveniences, and wallet busting that could occur from a chance encounter with clumsiness, kids, rain, pools, exes, bears, and of course the drunken weekend. Finally there are solutions for those whom thought that their information would be lost, a screen that looks more like a spiderweb than a phone, and a battery lasting for less time than a proper conversation should take. Not only do the solutions vary at very economical prices ranging between $50-$199, but most repairs can be done while you wait! Enjoy lunch at our neighbors' restaurants in the very accessible Lenox Village, just between Lenox Square Mall and Buford hwy on the east side of Lenox Road! Or if you would like to wait 15-20 minutes while I do most repairs, an accommodation can be made.

We don't have one note price points that give you no options and leave you hostage to a system built for quick, yet not individualized service. The customer is our #1 priority, giving us all of the feedback needed to create an environment where it doesn't have to be the end of the world when you drop, wet, or gave up on your iPhone. If you have broken glass on an iPhone, why not spend $79.99 instead of $199? We can do repairs on all iPod Touch and iPhone models.

Whether you wanted to get the phone fixed for yourself, a loved one or sell it so you could put the difference toward an upgrade, we are offering a solution where the investment is a minimum and the return is a working iPhone that looks and works like new again!


But by far, the greatest reason to choose us over your cousin whom bought to parts on ebay, involve our 90 day guarantee on parts and labor, 0 risk water damage services, and solutions to prevent further physical and software issues. Unlike most places where you buy a product or service and expect you'll never see them again, you'll want to continue to come back with friends, family, and anyone with Spiderman's web emblazoned on their phone to bestow upon them the same lifeline that kept you connected, productive, enjoying your music, and having fun.