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iPhone Repair

Carrying a broken iPhone in Coconut Point? The uBreakiFix store will cover you

Are you in Coconut Point and in possession of an iPhone with a broken screen, or a battery that is draining too quickly? If so, uBreakiFix Coconut Point is here to sort out your problems fast. 

In this era of technology, it is practically impossible to get through the day with a broken phone. Hence, our team at uBreakiFix Coconut Point are experts in handling phone issues; specifically, iPhone repair and Galaxy repair.

That being said, our services aren’t only limited to iPhone repair. Our services also include laptop repair, Galaxy repair, screen replacement, computer repair, tablet repair, and gaming console repair.

Free identification of the problem

If you don’t know exactly why your iPhone has stopped working, bring it to uBreakiFix Coconut Point. Our technicians will be happy to identify the problem for you during our free diagnostic test. The diagnostics test helps our Coconut Point team determine the exact, and underlying, problem(s). After that, our Coconut Point technicians will place all suitable options in front of you and let you decide the one which you want to choose. 

Why is your iPhone not switching on?

There can be two possible explanations for an iPhone that is not turning on. The LCD screen might be damaged, or the charging port may have got dirty; which would cause the battery to not charge. Whatever the problem may be, the technicians at uBreakiFix Coconut Point will expertly tackle the issue.  At uBreakiFix Coconut Point, we provide services such as iPhone screen replacement, iPhone X repair, iPhone 8 repair, and even Galaxy screen replacement. 

Any iPhone model is welcome at uBreakiFix

uBreakiFix Coconut Point keeps every part that may be required to repair iPhone models in stock at all times. So, whether you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, or any other model, we will fix it for you on-site on the same-day. 

Enjoy further convenience 

On top of expert repairs, uBreakiFix Coconut Point also offers a low-price guarantee. If you find another place in Coconut Point that’s offering the same repair services at a lower cost, then just show us the offer and we’ll gladly match or beat the offer. In addition, we also offer a complimentary 90-day warranty with all our repairs for further ease your mind. If you experience any repeat issues with your device, our team will gladly repair it again at no added cost.