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Google Authorized Repair on Pixel Smartphones

If it’s not authorized, it’s not fixed.

  • We use OEM parts, tools, training, and equipment provided by Google.
  • Get your device back fast with Same-Day Turnaround.
  • All repairs backed by a 90-Day Warranty.
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Google Repair

What Our Dekalb Customers Are Saying About Google Repair Services

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Google Repair

Dekalb’s Google Pixel Repair Superstars

There’s a good reason uBreakiFix has become Google’s official service partner for Google phone repair, and the country’s number one resource for same-day device repair. Our Dekalb store’s customer reviews say it all: great prices, fast repairs, honesty, and standout customer service. We’re ready for walk-ins all day, so if you’re ready for a fixed phone, stop in and get your Google Pixel repair done today!

We sure do! If your volume or power buttons are stuck, damaged, or just aren’t doing anything when you push them, visit uBreakiFix and tell our Dekalb team that you need a Google Pixel repair. If you’re reading this on your water damaged phone, turn it off, unplug your peripherals, dry it, and get to our Dekalb store right away. Now that that’s out of the way: yes! We can handle water damage, and any other kind of liquid damage. The success of your Google pixel repair will depend on how severe it is, whether or not you took steps to minimize the damage as described above, and how quickly you get the device to us.

Expert Services and Free Diagnostics Test

The advantage of being an authorized service provider for Google is that our technicians receive training from Google, and we have access to OEM parts. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer, which is a fancy way of saying that they are the same parts used in assembling the devices at the original factory. You don’t have to worry about receiving poorly made parts when you get your Google Pixel repair done by uBreakiFix, and in the unlikely scenario that something does go wrong, you can march right back to our store in Dekalb to have the error corrected free of charge within 90-days thanks to our automatic warranty. We also offer a free diagnostics test to see what the problem is.

Unlike a Pixel screen repair or malfunctioning camera, water damage can take a long time to correctly address, so we might need to keep your phone overnight or longer. Pixel screen replacement is one of the most commonly attempted DIY projects, likely because there are countless hours of tutorial videos available on the subject. The pros may make it look easy, but without experience and the right tools, it can be hard to pull off. The same is true for a Pixel battery replacement. If you have your device opened up and just can’t finish the repair yourself, come see us in Dekalb and we’ll get it all sorted out for you.

Low-Prices Guaranteed and 90-Day Warranty

Finding a reputable place to get a Pixel screen repair done at a reasonable price can feel like an impossible task. We provide our 90-day warranty to help assuage some of the unsureness of sorting through your options. Our Google phone repair services start at $79.99, and if one of our competitors in Dekalb happens to have a lower advertised price than us, we are happy to price match and drop it an extra $5.