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Cell Phone Repair

These days, phones help make our everyday lives happen in ways that most people in the 80s and 90s would have never guessed. That’s why a broken smartphone can be a hindrance to a person or their family as they go about their daily schedules.

But that’s why uBreakiFix Fredericksburg is here! We exist to help Fredericksburg-area families get their smartphones fixed and back in their hand as soon as possible.

We strive for same day repairs and often get phones back to families as quickly as possible. We also offer you price match guarantee to make sure you bring your broken smartphone to us—we want you to get it fixed right! In addition to that, we even give you a 90-day nationwide guarantee to prove it to you that we mean business.

When you bring your phone in, we’ll immediately run a free diagnostics test on it to see what the problem is. Once that has completed, one of our expert technicians will perform one of many services on your phone (whether it be Sony, LG, Nokia, Google, Apple, BlackBerry, or another brand):


Glass Replacement

It’s common to drop your phone, unless you're a superhuman. We can fix it for you straightway.

Port and Dock Repair

When you cannot charge or connect your phone, it can be one of the most defeated feelings for a phone user. We’ll flip the script on broken ports and docks.

Listening Repairs

If you like to listen and talk on your phone and cannot, be prepared to get frustrated…until you bring your phone in and we fix it lickety split.

Camera Replacement

The cameras on smartphones have become powerful, so much that many people don’t buy point-and-shoot cameras anymore. Bring your smartphone in and we’ll treat your camera right.

Battery Replacement

If your phone isn’t holding its charge, we’ll get it back on track and working well again.

LCD Replacement

The technology in your phone doesn’t matter a whole lot of if you can’t see what’s going on. We’ll give you your eyes back, enabling you to see what you’re doing on your smartphone.

Button Repair

Frustration resides for those whose buttons don’t respond to touch anymore. We’ll make sure that yours are responsive again in no time at all.