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iPhone Repair

iPhone Repairs in Newark, NJ

If one, two, or all three cameras on your iPhone 11 are too broken for selfies, it’s time to bring it in to the pros. Our team at uBreakiFix has everything you need for a fast, comprehensive iPhone repair! Using high quality parts, our seasoned repair techs use the latest and greatest repair methods to restore your device in record time. Our services are indisputably the most professional in all of Newark, and we raise the bar even higher by always offering competitive pricing. We happily serve all models of iPhones, old and new alike. Your iPhone is your baby; Don’t leave it to just anyone for repairs. Come in today and experience the uBreakiFix difference!

Premium Repair Parts

What’s the most important component when it comes to long lasting repairs? Is it the technician or his tools? While those are both very important, a quality repair requires quality parts. We believe in repairs that last, which is why we exclusively use OEM-certified replacement parts for our repairs. What does that vowel-happy acronym mean for you? OEM-certified parts are parts that either come directly from Apple’s factory, or parts that are made to the exact same specifications as the original parts. That means your repair is done with parts held to the same high standards as Apple. Think of your repair more as a restoration to its original state than a ‘fix’. Because we know our parts will outlast even some original devices (we’re looking at you, Samsung Galaxy Fold), we offer a 90 day guarantee on all of our replacement parts.

Experienced Repair Techs

Like we said earlier, our repair techs are an important component in our repairs. Each of our skilled technicians is put through several rigorous training programs, as well as certified for repairs by both Google and Samsung. As well as having the skills that pay the bills, our techs have a real passion for all things technology. Nothing puts a smile on their face quite like tinkering with a damaged device, bringing it back to life, and presenting the like-new device to an excited customer. Because we’re a team of nerds, we stay up to date on all technology related news; You get to reap the benefits of our techie tendencies by working with the most qualified and knowledgeable staff in Newark.

Fast and Efficient

If you’re popular like us (don’t you dare question it, either), 24 hours away from your phone results in about 100 unread messages. Spend three days without your device, and the national guard is contacted. Instead of leaving your beloved friends to mourn, just opt for repairs that can get done quickly. While some repair shops like to leave your device festering, we like to work fast to get you reunited with your device. Typically our goal is to have your iPhone mended in one business day, and that goal is met more often than not. However, if you have a more simple issue, like a dead battery or cracked screen, your repair may be completed in as little a two hours! Think about it: In two hours, you can’t even finish a ‘friendly’ debate on Android vs. iOS. You don’t have to tell us that you have an important deadline for us to work fast; We make sure you’re prioritized from beginning to end. Meanwhile, if you want to tell the national guard you were just taking a break from social media, we’ll even cover for you (don’t quote us on that though).

Repairs That Won’t Break the Bank

We’re not afraid to admit that our high quality repairs lead some to believe that we also charge high prices. For once, it’s a good thing to be wrong! While it’s true we’re the undisputed leaders in iPhone repair, we keep our prices competitive. Our commitment to value becomes apparent when you take a look at some of our amenities. For starters, our diagnostic exam, which give us pertinent information like your iPhone’s issues and causes, is completely free. We don’t charge you to keep you informed, which is why it’s always a good idea to pay us a visit even if you aren’t sure you’re ready for a repair. We also have a bangin’ price match guarantee; If you’ve seen a lower price for your same repair somewhere else, we’ll not only price match it, but take an extra five bucks off the competitor’s price. If that’s not commitment, we don’t know what is. Want to get a quote for your repair costs? Stop in today for a free diagnostic. You’ll get a quote, estimated turnaround time, and a chance to chat up that cute guy with the glasses.