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Tablet Repair

Tablet Repairs in Newark, NJ

Tablets, like double mint gum, are double the pleasure and fun of laptops while being just about half of the size. They’re as easy to carry around as phones, while having bigger screens that are easier to see. However, a wise man (psst, it’s me) once said: “with great accessibility comes great responsibility.” What he meant was that the great portability of tablets can lead to lots of unexpected snafus in unsuspecting places - that’s where we come in! Whether your tablet is misbehaving, or your cat scratched the screen playing with that laser app, the team at uBreakiFix has got you covered. We offer fast, affordable tablet repairs, paired with the best customer service of any electronic repair shop in Newark. Don’t just take our word for it (or do, that’s okay too), schedule an appointment today and see for yourself!

Certified Repair Techs

Our dextrous repair technicians are at the heart of our team. Tablet rescue responders by day and MMO grinders by night, our talented techs are really geeks at heart who thoroughly enjoy restoring devices to the former glory. During onboarding, each of our techs is put through a rigorous training protocol, as well as trained and certified by both Google and Samsung for repairs. Besides their skill and passion, one thing our techs have that can only be acquired with time is experience. Repair processes for tablets both old and new, branded and unbranded, and possessing all sorts of issues have all been recorded in our mental repair book (it may be metaphorical, but you can’t take it away from us), which we refer to every day to offer our customers the best repairs possible.

Partners with Google and Samsung

We don’t always brag, but when we do, it’s about our prosperous partnerships with Google and Samsung. We’ve gained the support of these big names by consistently providing quality repairs, and we pass on those partnering perks to you. Take our parts, for example: all of our repairs are done with OEM-certified replacement parts. OEM-certified replacement parts are either parts straight from the manufacturer’s factory, or are made to the same specifications as the original parts. Because we’re partnered with Google and Samsung, we have access to their high quality, original parts; Shattered Samsung tablet screen giving your hands the fruit ninja treatment? Your screen will be replaced with a real Samsung screen, made just for your device.

Same Day Repairs

While we all want to put ‘patient’ down on our resumes, let’s be honest: waiting days and days for our tablets to be fixed hasn’t been in style since velour track suits were fashionable. Although you’ll never have to witness our team in matching velour jumpsuits (we’re getting ideas now), what we can show you is how fast we complete our repairs. Some of our tablet repairs, like battery replacements, can be done in as little as two hours! We finish the majority of our repairs in one day or less, but we will always let you know if we think it will take longer. It’s true that we value speed, but we never rush our repairs. We maintain the same high quality we’re known for by implementing the most efficient repairing methods. Want to know how long your wait will be? Stop by and talk to one of our techs!

Affordable Rates & Expert Repairs

It’s true that if you start nerding out with one of our techs, they may start running their mouths, but we'll never run up your bill. Value is a key principle here at uBreakiFix, and it shows in the services we offer our customers. The precursor to all of our services is a diagnostic exam, which gives us plenty of important and useful information: what the repair will be like, what parts will need to be replaced, how long the repair may take, and an accurate estimate of how much it may cost. The best part? Wait for it...it’s free! If you’re the type to shop around, we have a price match guarantee that’s sure to put a smile on your face. Heard of a lower price for your same repair, somewhere else? We’ll not only price match them, but we’ll do one better by shaving an extra five bucks off of the competitor’s price! Wondering how much your tablet revival will cost? Come in today and get your answer - we don’t bite!