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Naples, Bonita Springs, Vineyards, Pelican Bay, Golden Gates, Park Shore

uBreakiFix North Naples

1201 Piper Blvd. Unit 23
Naples, FL 34110


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Curbside Service - Available
Carry-In - Available
We Come To You - Available Mail-In Repair - Available

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Mon - Sat: 10:00AM - 7:00PM
Sun: 11:00AM - 5:00PM

Walk-ins are always welcome.

Walk-ins Welcome

Available Service Options

Curbside Service - Available
Carry-In - Available
We Come To You - Available Mail-In Repair - Available

Areas Serviced:

Naples, Bonita Springs, Vineyards, Pelican Bay, Golden Gates, Park Shore

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uBreakiFix in North Naples, FL

It can happen at any time. You’re just living your totally normal, nice life, where all of your devices bring you endless delight. And then, bam. You drop your iPad, or your iPhone spontaneously combusts, or something else goes very wrong with your beloved laptop. And now your digital existence has come to an awful, grinding halt. Oh no. No social networking, no professional accomplishment—just a blank screen and a lot of anxiety. Now, you need to find reliable electronics repair near you. There are a lot of options, and some of them look sketchy. According to Google, there’s a place that does Samsung Galaxy repair out of a barn. You’d rather not go there. Maybe you should go to an electronics repair shop with guaranteed repairs, partnerships with Samsung and Google, and a catchy name with a mix of upper and lower-case letters. Like uBreakiFix.

iPhone, Computer & Electronics Repair

So, the thing with us is that we just like electronics repair, of all kinds. Although we spend most of our time doing cell phone repair, we’d be delighted to look at your laptop if it’s seemingly possessed by angry ghosts, or your gaming console if the only game you can play with it is “Look at this Error Message.” Every device, of every sort, gets the same treatment, which commences with a free diagnostic. We don’t believe in charging you anything until you understand precisely what’s wrong with your device, and what we need to do about it. Then, whether it’s a screen replacement or a total renovation, we’ll give you a quote and a timeline. Usually, the timeline is short. Because we believe in speed.

Techs Who Truly Care About Your Repair

We all know what it’s like when our devices go offline. Time slows to a crawl, and we’re left with the agonizing knowledge that our professional and personal lives are completely out of reach. That’s why we emphasize efficiency and get everything done as soon as possible. Did your last technician tell you that your Google Pixel repair would take two weeks? We sympathize. And we don’t like to wait. Most of our repairs get done in under two hours. A lot of them get done in a head-spinning forty minutes. You can kick back and relax until we hand your device back, resting easy with the knowledge that everything will be a-ok in our expert hands.

Thorough Care & Stress-Free Solutions

But what will it cost you? We know you’re wondering, because this might all sound very expensive. And it’s true that, normally, in life, quality comes at a price. But we’re not interested in normal life, because we do price matching. You heard us. Find anybody that’s willing to do your iPhone repair (or anything else repair) for less than we will, and, after we make sure that we’re not hallucinating, we’ll beat their price by five bucks. Also, you won’t be left wondering whether your repair will last, because we guarantee that, too. All of our work is fully insured for ninety days, because we realize that, even though we use the highest-quality OEM-spec parts, there’s a teensy-tiny possibility that your device will need a second look. We’d be glad to make it right. In fact, we insist on it. Just bring it back to any of our hundreds of locations, and we’ll happily fix it for you. So give us a call. Let’s have a chat and schedule a repair, so your electronic life can get back to normal.


uBreakiFix is locates in North Naples at Piper's Crossing, next to First Care Clinic.

If you're heading south on 9th St S/Tamiami Trail toward 5th Ave S, use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto 5th Ave S/Tamiami Trail. Turn left onto Goodlette Rd S/Goodlette-Frank Rd. Turn right onto Immokalee Rd. Turn left onto Access Rd. Continue straight and we'll be on the left.

If you are heading south on I-75 S, take exit 111 toward Naples Park. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Immokalee Rd (signs for Naples Park). Turn right onto Lakeland Ave. Turn left onto Piper Blvd, then turn right into the plaza to find our store.

You Come First

Whether you like to play games, take selfies, or just need to get work done, we fix and reunite you with your device. We put our customers first, always.

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