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Google Repair

Google Pixel Repair in Raleigh

Your Google pixel is a productivity powerhouse – so when there’s a giant crack across the screen with glass chipping off, it can grind productivity to a halt. uBreakiFix provides fast and convenient walk-in Pixel screen repair and all other Google Pixel repair services every day of the week. When an accident happens and you need a quick repair in Raleigh on short notice, we’ve got you covered – no appointment necessary.

Low Price Same-day Google Pixel Repair Near Me

The cost of your repair depends on what needs to be done and the model. Our cheapest Pixel screen repair, for example, starts at $129.99. One of our goals is to have the most affordable service. We’ll price match any competitor in Raleigh that is near us, and even drop the price by another $5.

We work fast. Pixel screen replacement takes 15-20 minutes, and most other repairs are done in under an hour. We can fix broken cameras, replace dead batteries or faulty charging ports, and get your busted volume buttons working again. We can even fix water damage, though this process takes a long time – up to three days.

Best Google Pixel Repair in Raleigh, North Carolina

If your Pixel is still under warranty, you can use it at uBreakiFix. We are Google’s official partner for walk-in repairs in the United States. As such, we also have direct access to OEM parts for each Pixel screen replacement, speaker fix, or other service. Our technicians are specially trained by Google as well, giving them advanced knowledge in the maintenance of the Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 4.

As part of our agreement with Google, we get access to their newest models early. This gives us plenty of time to learn the nuances of their latest releases so that we are ready as soon as the phone becomes available to the public. When a new model comes out, even if you drop it on day 1, you can visit our store in Raleigh for an emergency Pixel screen replacement.

Free Warranty and Diagnostics on all Pixel Repairs

Some Google Pixel repair stores charge customers for their warranty. We believe in standing behind the quality of the work that our technicians do, and happily provide each repair with a free 90-day warranty. This warranty guarantees the quality of the parts used and the repair itself, and can be used at any uBreakiFix.

We also do not charge for diagnostics. This is a free service that we provide when you come in. It gives us a clear picture of what’s going on with your Pixel, and gives you more information so you can make a decision that works for you. Sometimes, a Pixel screen repair is simple; other times, the damage that broke the screen also broke something else, or the gaps in the device invited moisture and dust to build up inside. These problems are important to catch early for the longevity of your Pixel.