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iPhone Repair

iPhone Repair Las Vegas

Remember that feeling you had when you bought your current iPhone. You couldn’t believe after all that time of waiting for the next release and saving up you could finally hold your dream phone in your hands. It was magical wasn’t it?

Then things went wrong. Maybe you accidentally missed your pocket while tucking it away, and it went crashing into the ground, turning your screen into a 3D spider web. Or it could be that your little kid thought it would be fun to drop it in some water while you were away. Whatever your scenario was, you are probably desperately searching for the best iPhone repair Las Vegas has to offer.

You came to the right place. uBreakiFix West Las Vegas is here to help you with just about any type of iPhone repair. If it can be fixed, we can fix it.

Why Choose the Best iPhone Repair Las Vegas Has to Offer?

uBreakiFix is a trusted name in Las Vegas iPhone repair. Here are just a few of the reasons customers come to us whenever they’ve got phone troubles:

  • We’re passionate about our work
  • We use only the highest quality replacement parts
  • We put customer satisfaction above everything else
  • We stay up to date with ever-changing technology

Common iPhone Repairs

Your iPhone might have been a hefty investment, but this doesn’t make it any less vulnerable to damage. Below are a few of the main reasons you may have to look up iPhone repair in Las Vegas, and how uBreakiFix can help.

Front Screen Cracks

This is the most common type of damage that iPhones suffer. It could be a small crack from one edge to the other or it could be a full on piece of abstract art with fissures and cracks all over the surface.

Whatever the case, it does not look great and may even affect visibility and functionality of the screen. When it comes to iPhone repair in Las Vegas for cracked screens, the solution is simply replacing the screen.

However, it is important to work with skilled professionals like ours in order to avoid any imperfections, including misalignment of edges and bubbles under the screen.

Back Cover Damage

This is a problem with newer models of the iPhone series that have glass back covers. As with the front cover cracks, the back suffers the same fate if it lands on a hard surface upon falling. Here, we also just replace the back and leave you with a beautiful new-looking phone you don’t have to feel embarrassed about anymore.

Water Damage

This applies mostly to models that came before the iPhone 7 model, as they are not water resistant. This means that any submersion in liquid will result in damage to both hardware and software systems.

Given the sensitive nature of such damage, it takes very experienced and trained iPhone repair experts in Las Vegas to do the job right. This involves everything from data recovery to any repairs that could help get the phone back up and running.

Faulty Control Buttons

These include the home button for models that have one, as well as power and volume buttons. It is not unheard of with old models to have reduced and completely absent sensitivity, which can be quite the headache. Can you imagine the struggle of having your volume stuck on one number or not being able to turn the screen off at will?

Here, the problem is more often than not hardware related and can easily be fixed by replacing the faulty connections. It could also be a software issue, which though rare is also something that a skilled iPhone repair business like ours can handle.

Defective Ports

This includes the USB charging port and the earphone port for the models that have it. In some instances, these may fail to work which can be very frustrating, especially when it comes to the charging port. Our Las Vegas iPhone repair business will replace the port and its circuit board to ensure that you do not have to suffer the stress and inconvenience of a malfunctioning piece.

Loss of Screen Sensitivity

This is very rare and usually happens when the phone screen has been exposed to extreme heat. It more often than not happens when the phone is left exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Loss of sensitivity for iPhone screens could also be as a result of damage to the LCD screen, dirt between the screen and protector, or a faulty digitizer layer.

Whatever the source is, you will be left with a basically unusable device that will only frustrate you. That is where the best iPhone repair Las Vegas has to offer comes in. We fix and replace whatever needs working on in order to ensure that you have your screen back up and running in no time.

IOS Software Malfunction

Finally, you may experience software malfunction with your iPhone. This is more often than not due to downloaded malware and viruses. The problems manifest in many different ways including memory storage and recovery errors, slow execution, and in some cases, a complete shutdown. Our repair team will help you with the recovery and any resetting that could help you get full functionality back.

Trust Us With Your Beloved Device

We understand how much your iPhone means to you. Whether you want to check up on your friends’ latest pins and tweets, get some work done on your commute, or take amazing photos, we will have your phone good as new in no time. Our Las Vegas iPhone repair business is one of the very best when it comes to dealing with both hardware and software issues. You can rest assured that your phone is in the safe hands of qualified experts.